The Name

Ivory Black represents those who want to do more, to not regret anything and take that leap that'll move you forward.

Ivory Black came from a song title by Swedish Rock band - Imminence.

"Throw me away
Never look back
Set me on fire
’til I'm ivory black
What color is the soul

The last thing
you will ever lay your eyes on
is the first thing

you will come to regret"

The lyrics struck Pedro as he always had of fear of not doing enough, ever since he's been wanting to do more, be more.

The Letter "A" in the name is the in red and exaggerated to represent Pedro's last name "Alvarado" as he didn't want his name to be a part of the brand like most other brands. He wanted the name to be so that anyone can be IVORY BLACK

The Founder

Ivory Black was started by Mexican American Pedro Uriel Alvarado in April 14th of 2021. Coming from an immigrant family, Pedro had been wanting to start his own business in 2018 just like how his parents did, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do at the time but the idea would eventually come.

Pedro had gotten married to his wife Marlen in July of 2018 thereafter they went to their honeymoon to Singapore during the time Pedro had been wanting a red leather belt only to find it in high end luxury stores, thinking to himself "I can make one, it can't be that difficult!"

Once coming back from the honeymoon Pedro remembered there was a leather store opening nearby. With the goal of figuring out the red belt situation, He asked the people working at the location if they can show or teach him how to make a belt. They sat him down, grabbed a hide and the tools needed and taught Pedro how to make a leather belt.

Since that, Pedro picked up a leather wallet kit that he had to dye and stitch together after that he fell in love with the craft and that's when the idea of the business came.

With the idea of the business, Pedro had struggled to find information about business and how to even begin, finding bits of information along the way as he learned leather craft. When finally establishing Ivory Black, Pedro has been helping people by sharing information about the craft of leather and business in a way of giving back to the community.